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Key Aspects of a Multidimensional Yoga Practice

This 77 page book details everything you need to now about how the practice of physical yoga postures interfaces with the entire body. In this book you will learn:

Intro to the five sheaths of embodiment (Koshas). Modern physics has confirmed that we exist and operate on multiple dimensions simultaneously. Each of these is a different level of reality or a different frequency of consciousness called the Koshas. The Kosha is a template for each plane of life. In order for the Kosha to function they must must be free of obstructions and not warped or energetically distorted. If they are then the illusion of reality in the various planes of existence will not represent the true Reality of the Source Field. Thus, the name for each of these sheaths contains the word “maya” which means illusion. In this class we will look at these different templates of reality.

Exploring the physical body. The “food body” or physical body results from eating food and it is the first and outermost illusionary field. It is considered to have the lowest frequency vibration as it is the most dense expression of consciousness and therefor it seems the most real.

Inviting the wisdom to flow. This sheath regulates the flow of subtle energy in the body through nadis (subtle channels), chakras (subtle energy centers) to transform thought into action. As it regulates our thoughts the vitality of the body is strongly affected by this Kosha.

Exploring the mind sheath. The mind includes thought, desire, ego, emotion, and beliefs. In terms of thought, each thought creates a form and this is attracted and reinforced when we repeat the thought. This is often the underlying cause of most imbalances. We will explore how through Ayurveda and yoga we can positively effect the mind.

Aligning with Intuition. The sheath of intuition is where we discriminate in a nonlinear way what is best for us. This is the essence of intuition. This level also relates to the archetypes for our personality. When we connect with our intuition through yoga then we can fulfill the sacred contracts we have made with ourselves.

Revealing the Bliss Body. This is the deepest level before the soul and thus is stores all the information gained throughout the existence of the soul. When we contact this level we are able to access higher spiritual knowledge and pure truth. Our yoga practice can open us to these Universal Laws and the spiritual truths that guide creation and our lives.


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