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  • Improving your energy levels and improving your resilience to daily stress
  • Losing 10 pounds
  • Strengthening your immune system and becoming more resistant to illness
  • Improving your mood and feeling less sluggish and run down
  • Maximizing your digestion
  • Cultivating emotional stability, creativity and productivity

If you answered YES to any of these GOALS then you won’t want to miss this opportunity to RE-TREAT for Wellness this FALL!

You Will

  • Enhance the efficiency of your digestive system
  • Reduce the amount of toxins and man-made chemicals in your body
  • Improve your absorption of vital nutrients
  • Reduce your susceptibility to colds and allergies?
  • Improve your relationship to food and select healthy foods that are good for you
  • Feel energized in the morning
  • Lose weight
  • Live more naturally and in-sync with your body’s inherent self-healing intelligence?

Why do a Fall Cleanse?

  • A cleanse will help you slow down and become more mindful of your diet and habits so that you can activate your ability to detoxify and eliminate
  • It will help you to feel leaner, healthier, stronger and more resilient to the challenges of life
  • It is gentle, sage and effective and will promote long term health
  • Foods fresh in the Fall will support your small intestine, rejuvenating it so it functions optimally in the colder seasons ahead.

The Yoga and Ayurveda Fall Cleanse is your ticket to true body, mind restoration.

What does the Cleanse involve?

During the two week Fall Yoga and Ayurveda Cleanse you will be experiencing the benefits of a whole foods diet, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and herbs that support support the detox process.

This FALL join Noah Volz to RE-TREAT and find the seasonal foods that support your unique needs. He has created a personalized nutritional and culinary program with detailed instructions on the systems of detoxification, a comprehensive protocol and seasonal recipes that you will love. This approach promises to help you awaken and enliven your body, mind and spirit leading to long term health of the immune system, digestive system and mind.

Cost Includes All of the Following:

  • Three 90 minute classes with up to date information about cleansing. Including steps to improve the health of the lymphatic system, small intestine and gall bladder that will gentle and effective in optimizing your health
  • Daily emails with the protocol for the two weeks of the cleanse
  • Over 40 delicious seasonal recipes that will inspire you to utilize seasonal produce
  • A forty page handout to help guide you through the cleanse and provide support for any discomfort
  • Extensive shopping lists and lists of supplies that can be used to assist you
  • Personalized options for finding a cleansing approach that is appropriate for you
  • Email support from Noah throughout the two weeks.
  • Resources for purchasing any of the recommended herbal supplements.

What you will learn

  • The precise way to cleanse your body for the season.
  • The best foods for boosting your body’s ability to detoxify and recapture energy.
  • High quality herbs and supplements that improve your metabolic function and immunity.
  • How to feel satisfied and nourished even with an elimination diet.
  • Practices beyond food and herbs that will amplify your body’s ability to detoxify.

Whether you have cleansed before or are new to the process you’ll find your needs met with the resources provided.


Optimize your cleanse with preparatory activities that:

  • Energize and tune-up the body’s systems*
  • Facilitate rhythmic coordination of vital interdependent activities*
  • Balance physiological functions related to blood glucose levels*
  • Stimulate the body to begin releasing stored toxins; and enhance the elimination processes.*

This is accomplished with allergen-free whole foods, movement practices to prepare the body’s systems and mindfulness activities to focus the mind on the intention for cleansing.

PRE-CLEANSE (Days 4-7)

Once the body is energized and tuned up and ignited in the intention of the cleanse process, the mobilization of fat soluble toxins for elimination begins. This process involves a modification of lifestyle and activities, food choices and refining routines that support the body’s reset mode to burn fats appropriately and stabilize the balance of blood sugar levels.*

MAIN CLEANSE (Days 8-11)

Healing phase with a simple whole food diet of rice and beans called kichari you will improved the digestion.

  • Heal the intestinal lining for improved digestive and absorptive capacity leading to increased energy and reduced cravings.*
  • Yoga and mindfulness activities help to maintain a steady state of body and mind for deeper levels of cleansing and healing.*
  • This phase also kindles the body and mind’s capacity for release, restoration and rejuvenation.*

POST CLEANSE (Days 12-14)

The most vital phase of the cleanse to promote long term restoration and rejuvenation. By reintroducing allergen-free whole foods and a daily practice of Yoga and mindful activities you will optimize and maintain a healthy digestive fire to promote regeneration of all systems for true self healing.


You will feel the lasting effects of the cleanse and naturally crave healthy foods.*

What does it cost? Cost no longer includes yoga classes and is now only $99. Please register as space is limited.

**These patient reports reflect the results of individual patients and as results will vary, similar results should not be expected.**

Give yourself the opportunity to clean your temple by cleansing your body and mind. Arrive into your life with the greatest potential for inner and outer harmony and positive growth. In this Cleanse you will learn how to eliminate the unnecessary components in your diet, remove accumulation of substances from the summer (including fat & toxins) and introduce nourishment and support that prepares the “soil” of our bodies for the phases of growth that lie ahead. It is vital our bodies be optimally prepared for the upcoming season to help prevent illness and degenerative conditions from occurring.

Why Cleanse?

  • Strengthen your immune system; become more resistant to illness.
  • Reduce summer’s accumulated heat to lessen inflammation.
  • Rejuvenate the liver to optimize the body’s metabolic processes.
  • Awaken your innate intelligence for self-healing.
  • Cultivate emotional stability,creativity and productivity.

Feel more alive in your body!

  • Do you feel run down and susceptible to colds in the fall and winter?
  • Do you wake up feeling stiff and achy; is it difficult to get going in the mornings? Is there little energy to participate in a self care morning routine?
  • Do you select foods that are comforting but that may not be beneficial for you?
  • Are you putting on excess weight?
  • Are you discouraged with any part of your life that you “know” could be enhanced?
  • Are you concerned for your environment and your body’s abilities to reduce harmful affects of exposure?
  • Do you want to live more naturally and in-sync with your body’s inherent self-healing intelligence?

Then this cleanse is for you!


“Excellent program, very detailed and helpful information and support.  Noah is an excellent facilitator and really makes the process easy and engaging.  The cleanse was a breeze and it has reset many of my patterns and behaviors as well as leaving me feeling healthy and renewed.”  -Kyle

“This was my first cleanse, and I’m relieved that I decided to take the course. The support of a class full of others going through the same transitions was very valuable. Noah is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and I know that I can continue to consult with him on an individual basis in the future.” – Jamie

“I made a lot of lasting changes in my daily life. Some are habits, but there are some things different about me – changes from the inside out – that I couldn’t have done just by willpower. Outwardly: I go to sleep (with no electronics on in my room) and wake up around the same time without any alarm clock, and don’t need caffeine in the morning. I’m having caffeinated tea some days, but no more coffee. I eat more fruits and veggies and less of things that bother me, like dairy. I do yoga nearly every day, and often meditate as well. I’m also running more, and have better endurance. I’ve also gotten into routines with chores like laundry and email rather than letting things pile up. Inwardly, the following have decreased: stress, anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, guilt & negative self-talk. They’ve been replaced gradually with confidence, gratitude, patience, motivation, and a clearer, calmer mind. It was like a complete habit and mental-health reboot.” -A. Marshall

“Thank you Noah Volz for teaching me about the Ayurvedic cleanse. My body feels better than it has in years, not to mention the 8 lbs I lost!! For anyone feeling sick, overweight, and tired…. I can not recommend Noah’s cleanse enough. It was a huge breakthrough for me, my diet and has completely changed, and my cravings are gone.” – Sapphire

A Fall Cleanse FAQ

How is a fall cleanse different from cleanses during other seasons?

Although in our modern culture we feel insulated from the natural world our bodies are still governed by nature. Every season has it’s unique gifts and challenges that can benefit from a cleanse. In the Fall a cleanse is used to remove summer heat and gather energy for the long winter. In the Winter we store that energy and start to awaken our inner reserves around the new year. Spring is the time of letting go and allowing the natural cleansing process to reset our energy and vitality. Summer is the ideal time to re-pattern our routines and habits to purify the body and improve our absorption of vital nutrients. When we align with the seasonal intelligence that Fall provides we receive Mother Nature’s blessing and it becomes easy to eat lightly thereby lightening the load on your internal organs.

Will I be eating, or only drinking?

For the two weeks of the cleanse you will be consuming solid foods. You can incorporate juices and smoothies into the cleanse protocol, but it is not recommended to do a juice fast during this cleanse. There are options for everyone so the the protocol can be modified to find a personalized fit.

Will there be special ingredients required for the cleanse?

This is a whole-foods based cleanse. For the two weeks of the cleanse we will be using an elimination diet by stopping the consumption of fats (other than seeds, avocados, and plant-based essential fatty acids), animal proteins, caffeine, gluten, corn, soy, sugar and alcohol. Don’t worry! You can do this. You will be supported every step of the way and it’s just two weeks. We will be replacing those foods with fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, fermented vegetables and ancient grains. This approach is an excellent way to support the elimination of undigested material and awaken the natural regenerative intelligence of your body.

You will easily find all the ingredients you need at the farmer’s market or your health food store of choice.

In addition to the whole foods there will be some herbs that are recommended. These include Pitta Digest, Sweet Ease, Blood Cleanse, Shilajit, Liver Formula, Turmeric, Triphala and Mahanarayan oil.  These are included in the cleanse protocol to support your blood sugar, replenish your adrenals, maximize liver function and improve digestion. You will get the maximum benefits from the cleanse by including these herbs. You can buy the herbs at your 15 minute Ayurvedic assessment or purchase only the ones that you want at Banyan Botanicals.

What’s the final cost of the cleanse?

The cleanse materials including the 15 minute assessment, daily emails, 50 page manual and 3 instructional classes cost $90. The recommended herbal supplements cost $160, the other expenses will be your groceries and other additional detoxification tools that we recommend and that you decide to purchase. Ultimately the cost will depend on your cleansing goals and the options that you choose. You will receive unlimited yoga classes from Noah for the duration of the cleanse and discounts on massage.

Will the cleanse require extra prep time?

NO, if you are only preparing food for yourself and you cook most of your meals yourself then the cleanse will not take any more time than usual food prep takes.

If however, you have to prepare food for your family then you will be making separate meals for yourself which will take extra time. In general most of the recommended foods require chopping, blending and some cooking so it may be a shift from what you are used to.

I highly recommend getting a friend, family member or neighbor to sign up with you. Then you can trade off food preparation and share the responsibilities of making dinner for two families. Enlisting your friends and neighbors is a great way to receive additional support during your cleanse!

Can I cleanse while working?

Yes. This cleanse was designed to take into consideration our busy live. That being said it can be really beneficial to slow life down as much as possible. Learn to say NO and make fewer commitments. For the two weeks it is best to get more quiet time, go to bed early, and make your work-out a little gentler. Ask for help if you need it and use the support system around you. I myself have done this cleanse in the midst of busy projects and hectic deadlines. This approach will give you all the techniques you will need to make it through your schedule challenges.

Can I cleanse while training for a marathon, half-marathon, or triathalon?

It really depends on the date of your event. The cleanse is a great way to jump start your system at the beginning of your training schedule. Ultimately the cleanse will improve your recovery times but in the midst of your peak training time the cleanse may not be the best fit. If you want to do a cleanse, but the dates don’t work for you consider an Individualized Cleanse so that you can schedule it when it works best for you.

Will I take my usual herbs, vitamins, and supplements during the cleanse?

There is not a good general answer to this question as it really depends on what you’re taking and why. In general only take the things that are necessary or have been prescribed by your primary health care provider.

What kind of equipment will I need?

It can be really helpful to have a good blender, a food processor and a nut mylk bag (this can be found at most co-ops) as these will decrease the amount of food prep time you will need.

How will I know what to do?

You will receive a step-by-step, day-by-day plan for the entire protocol. This will come in the form of the classes, the manual and the daily emails. Each one of these is comprehensive by itself so you will have plenty of supportive information to be successful.

How will I get your support through the process?

When you sign up for the cleanse you will receive a 15 minute Pulse and Tongue Assessment to determine how to best support you during the cleansing process. In addition to this you will receive an email address that will be checked daily to answer all of your questions. A Facebook group will also be set up that is private so that you can get the support of other cleansers. I recommend finding a friend to do the cleanse with you so that you have someone else to turn to when you have questions or concerns.

Can I do this cleanse?

  • Yes! Almost everyone can do this cleanse as it is designed to be gentle. It is designed in a precise way that will allow the digestive system to get a break from hard to digest foods
  • Improve the elimination of built-up waste in the small intestine
  • Retrain the body to digest fat as fuel
  • Help the body respond effectively to environmental toxins
  • Reduce cravings
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Increase the body’s ability to do its job faster and better

What can you expect?

  • Receive more compliments on how healthy you look
  • Fit more easily into your jeans
  • Feel clear-headed and able to tackle any challenges that life throws your way
  • Options to make the cleanse work for you

Who are you?

Noah Volz, CAS is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Ayurvedic Educator and owner of Rhythm of Healing. In his private practice he works to develop personalized approaches to treat the cause of disease by engaging the natural resources of the digestive system to heal all the body systems, remove deficiencies, and invite nourishment. He uses yoga and massage to facilitate this experience of awareness, knowledge, and transformation.

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