Winter Guide: Seven Secrets for Winter Wellness


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Ancient Ayurvedic Formulas for Improved Sleep, Balanced Energy, and Stress Management

Thousands of years ago the people of this planet lived in a way that was intimately intertwined with the natural world. These people and their spiritual leaders understood that the forces of nature and their distinct rhythms affect the cycles of human life. Alignment and attunement with nature on the outside is equally as important as alignment within. The inner seasons are composed of three distinct principles called vata, the energy of movement; pitta, the energy of digestion or metabolism; and kapha, the energy of lubrication and structure. In order to maintain health you must live in harmony with these natural cycles inside and outside. While we can’t control the exterior weather and sometimes our internal seasons lead us astray you can control what you eat, how you exercise and your daily habits which will create harmony and health.

Do you love winter? I do, but I can think of many people who have an extreme aversion to the cold winter nights. As each of us is unique there is no one size fits all approach to ensure health. Our internal seasons are individual and Ayurveda provides the perfect framework for determining variations that meet your distinct needs. That being said in our busy day to day we can all benefit from slowing down a little bit and going dormant for the winter. For most of us a full on hibernation is not an option. So this guide offers some suggestions for redirecting your energies to bring as much rest, calm and peace as is possible into your daily rhythms. Be careful however as too much of good thing in the form of hibernation can lead to depression, stagnation and lack of motivation.


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