Summer Guide: Five Easy Ways to Thrive This Summer




Simple and Effective Ayurvedic Strategies for Optimal Summer Health

School is out and the summer sun shines late into the evening. We open doors and windows to allow summer breezes, carrying the divine fragrances of our blooming gardens, to flow through our houses. What are your favorite summer activities? Are you the type of person who can’t get enough sun or the type who hides inside for fear of overheating? Each one of us responds a little differently to summer’s light, hot, and active qualities. These qualities that many of us love about summer can also be detrimental to our mood, hair, eyes and skin.

Let’s learn Ayruveda’s art of making the most out of summer! This survival guide will give you the essential tools for staying healthy and weathering the summer season with grace. Each season has a distinct personality. When a season’s personality is understood the season can be embraced in a sustainable and healthy way. The beauty of Ayurveda is that small, simple changes to our lifestyle and habits can have profound changes.


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