Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse eBook (delivered as pdf)




A 14 Day Seasonal Cleanse to Boost Digestion, Break Bad Habits, and Feel Your Best

What would your body be like if you felt light, flexible, and strong?

What would your mind be like if you felt focused, engaged, and awake?

What would your soul be like if you felt connected, aligned, and purposeful?

Are you ready to find out?

This book guides you through a seasonal approach that will unlock the transformative powers of your body through Ayurveda. This is accomplished by removing stagnation (Kapha) in your body, mind, and soul.

Kapha can lead to being overweight, feeling stagnant, and being greedy.

Not only will this book provide you with a step by step guide to reducing Kapha. It is also packed with cooking techniques and recipes that will turn your meals into nourishment and healing.

You will both learn about Ayurveda and fresh, seasonal recipes that help you create and maintain balance.

This book includes template meals, shopping lists and everything you will need to jump start your body this Spring.

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