Ayurveda and Fermented Foods


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A Guide to Gut Restoration Using Delicious Recipes and Probiotic Nutrition

One of the best ways to boost digestion and support a healthy mind and mood is through fermentation. Fermented foods have been a staple in traditional Indian cooking for centuries. Example include idly (rice cake), dosa (rice and lentils), takra (buttermilk), paneer (soft cheese), and lassi (buttermilk).

  • You may be familiar with these words from your last trip to an Indian restaurant, but do you know why fermented foods are so important in Ayurveda?
  • Are you curious to make your own fermented foods using Ayurvedic principles?
  • Are you ready to use fermented foods to heal your microbiome and improve your digestion and mood?

If you answered yes then this eBook is for you.

  1. You will learn why fermentation is used and how it changes the qualities of foods to make them more digestible.
  2. You will learn the basics of fermentation and how to avoid common pitfalls.
  3. You will also learn about the microbiome and how Ayurvedic principles and fermented medicinal preparations such as asavas and arishtams can be used to restore balance to your doshas.


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