How I Created the Re-Solution Program

Chances are you are a foodie. Maybe you love food as much as I do. Finding yourself meandering through specialty grocery stores looking for obscure ingredients or spending a Sunday afternoon cooking just for the love of it. Or perhaps you are not as crazy about food as I am.

Either way you are probably interested in food not just for its delicious flavor but also for its health benefits. You recognize that food can be used as medicine and so you spend time in your kitchen, not just because it is your favorite room in your house, but because you want to improve your health. This was me in 2006 when I graduated from the California College of Ayurveda and started to offer detoxification programs to my clients.

I would try and impress them with my culinary skills and create programs that would get them back on track. Those early years of clinical experience were not easy. All the theory I learned in school did not add up to be useful to the person sitting across from me.

So I studied deeper into Ayurveda and yoga, but I also started to dive into social and behavioral psychology and I started to simplify my relationship with ethnic and exotic food. Over time I continued to refine my approach. What I found is that there are some simple steps in healthy food preparation and that recipes do not have to be overly complicated in order to be flavorful and delicious. So I started to simplify. I took the less is more approach. I started to ask myself what is the minimum that I can ask this client to do and get the most results.

Fast forward to 2010 and I started to feel like I had finally found a framework that worked. The reason is that I started to get a lot of clients asking if I could put the program I was leading them through into book form so they could share it with their friends. Honestly I was reluctant. I am a huge fan of personalized medicine and providing high quality support to my patients so putting the program in a book seemed, well inconsistent with providing the best quality care possible.

I kept teaching the program and kept refining it and I started to notice something else. When I first started I would receive a lot of emails asking for clarification and support about the program and so I would answer the email and then include the information in the next version. I had the great gift of clinical experience to teach me how Ayurveda was useful for the modern woman and man (the women outnumber the men). So that over time I started to get a lot less questions.

It was at this point that I realized maybe a book could be sufficient. The challenge was breaking through cleanse mentality. Everybody wants to cleanse. Many people feel out of sorts and they believe if they can just cleanse they will finally find the breakthrough that they have been searching for. Not to devalue this possibility I have seen it happen, but it is rare.

The Re-Solution program could be considered a gentle cleanse, but its primary aim is to reset positive eating patterns after the holidays. It does this by treating any deep seated depletion from excess work and overdoing for long periods of time. It encourages you to slow down and to replenish your reserves of energy and vitality so that your body has the strength to cleanse more deeply when the time is right. That is why it is called a Re-Solution and not a cleanse.This is really what makes this program unique.

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