Dinacharya as Small Wins

Small wins were considered one of the keys to Michael Phelps winning strategy in Beijing at the Olympics. The idea behind small wins is that everything we do can be seen as a win or a loss and when we create a lot of small wins that gives us the momentum and good mood to be successful when we face real challenges.
With Michael Phelps he would eat breakfast and do the same stretches and training regimen before each race. Each one of these activities creates a sense of accomplishment and success and builds on itself. I feel this sensation when I am hiking. Traversing cliff side trails or getting to the top of a mountain gives me a sense of accomplishment. In our modern lives we have fewer small wins which will make us less insulated towards rejection and challenges.

In terms of Ayurveda each dosha can create small wins through their dinacharya that will become keystone habits for success in every area of their life.
Pitta types leave us needing a sense of accomplishment towards a specific goal. The pitta type individual is like Michael Phelps and responds best to small wins in terms of exercise. If you are pitta type make sure that you do your workout early in the morning before work so that you start your day feeling successful. No matter what you choose in terms of your type of exercise make sure that it leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.

Vata types are usually in their head and full of creative ideas. They respond best to approaches outlined in the Artist’s Way. Spending 30-60 minutes each morning reading and writing is a great way for Vata types to start their day with a sense of accomplishment. It is the vata type that needs these small wins the most as their momentum is so erratic.

Kapha type’s highest investment of energy is in terms of relationships and emotions. For Kapha types a morning routine that allows them to create small wins in terms of their emotions is the most powerful. Live in an environment where you can have positive social interactions with your loved ones in the morning. If you live alone then perhaps using social media or chatrooms to connect with others who are supportive and kind will help you start your day with a sense of success.

Ayurveda has developed a specific morning routine geared specifically towards health that creates small wins toward long term health. This is called dinacharya. A sample routine is outlined below

  1. Drink a cup of warm water
  2. Have a bowel movement
  3. Give yourself an oil massage
  4. Take a shower
  5. Do 15 minutes of yoga
  6. Do 20 minutes of meditation
  7. Eat Breakfast

Although by themselves each one of these activities may not have a huge effect as a group creating momentum towards self care and health they can have the same effect as Michael Phelps Olympic routine. By incorporating a dinacharya that works for you, your day starts with a feeling of success and a feeling of being in control.

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