Building a home through Ayurveda

In Dr. Robert Svoboda’s book Rejuvenation he writes “If we were to begin remodeling our home, we would see the wisdom of first inspecting and strengthening the foundation before doing substantial work on the kitchen, bedroom and bath. So it is with rejuvenation, only in this case the foundation includes the body, mind, and spirit.”

The metaphor of the home is a powerful one because it is one we can all identify with. If you own or live in a house you recognize the constant upkeep that is necessary to keep it clean and in condition. Our bodies and minds are no different. Just as each house we live in is unique and requires a certain amount of care our bodies and minds follow similar patterns. If you are not familiar with the Dosha’s please review my previous posts.

Vata’s have a need for insulation. Their skin is thin and their nervous systems are sensitive. The R value on their bodies is low and so they insulate themselves by removing excess stimulation, wearing warmer cloths, and shielding themselves from the extremes of the elements. If the Vata’s choose to not insulate then their house gets cold and the windows start to crack from the dryness. The Vata could be thought of as a mobile home. They are relatively fragile and with so many neighbors they have to keep to themselves or they get overstimulated.

There are also different parts of the home that relate to the Doshas. The electrical system relates to Vata. If you are a Vata type it is more likely that things could go wrong with your electricity or that your bill may be really high prompting you to use less electricity.

Kapha is sometimes too insulated and they trap the hot or cold air within themselves. Kapha’s walls are the thickest and are represented by stone walls and clay. Nothing destroys the clay house, but if you are unhappy with your heavy house the only thing you can do is move. That is why exercise, stimulation, and spending time outdoors is very important for Kapha types.

Kapha as we mentioned before is related to insulation and the overall structure of the house. If the house was overbuilt then it can be difficult to remodel the house and make the changes you would like to see.

The Pitta type has a medium amount of insulation but they generate a lot of heat. You have to really want heat if you are going to get close to the fire. If you don’t want to get burned taking time for play, spending time in nature, and eating cooling foods will keep you cool. The metaphor of a Pitta house is a wooden structure. The splendor and majesty of a beautiful house can be swiftly reduced to a pile of ash if Pitta does not follow the routines and diet outlined by Ayurveda.

The gas stove and gas heating system is related to Pitta. When there are problems with this system then Pitta needs to be managed.

Look for upcoming posts to address different treatment options for these different Doshas.

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