16 Reasons to do a Spring Cleanse

Cleansing has always been an important part of health, not just for humans, but for all animals. These days we are exposed to many man made substances that our bodies are not accustomed too and so more frequent cleansing may be necessary. Here are a few of my favorite reasons to cleanse:

1.    Everything we put in our body is either appropriate or inappropriate for our goals of health. Cleansing cleans out the body’s aqueducts and allows us to access our bodies innate wisdom.

2.    Cleansing has been utilized by every ancient tradition including Egyptian, Indian, Persian and Greek in order to facilitate healing.

3.    Your ability to maintain discipline and receive the results of cleansing improves with each cleanse that you do. It builds a neural network in your brain allowing healthy choices to be the norm.

4.    When you clear out all the clutter you become more sensitive to the subtle and profound messages that your body is sending you all the time.

5.    Cleansing trains your body to extract the maximum amount of nutrition from you food so you can minimize your consumption of resources.

6.    Cleansing brings you closer to your true nature as Spirit and allows you to access your super consciousness and have deep realizations.

7.    Brain fog can be eliminated through cleansing leaving you mentally clear and sharp.

8.    With the enhanced clarity from cleansing you will see your purpose more clearly and opportunities will knock loudly on your door.

9.    People will notice your glowing skin, optimal weight and balanced energy.

10. The more you cleanse the more you will be used to functioning at a high level and will experience longer periods of health and well-being.

11. Cleansing foods support the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and restore biological terrain.

12. Bad bacteria, yeasts and parasites starve during cleanses making them easier to eliminate.

13. Decreasing the amount of bad bacteria increases your energy levels as you no longer have to work to neutralize and filter their metabolic excretions.

14. When you are clean and clear within you will be more prone to let go of clutter in your home, work and car.

15. Your quality of life improves as toxins in your fat cells and blood are no longer creating stress on your body.

16. A cleanse will make you feel better which can make you feel happier.

A cleanse is a way of loving your body. When you take care of your body and show it love and support then it rewards you with energy and vitality. Share the love with your body now.

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