Summer Home Cleanse




A 14 Day Ayurvedic Program Using Banyan Botanicals Herbs

The Summer Home Cleanse is an opportunity for improved energy, focus and stamina. It provides step by step instructions using the advanced and ancient science of Ayurveda to make your goals a reality. Some of the benefits that you expect are:

  • Improve mental alertness and reduce brain fog.
  • Create a sense of contentment and calm
  • Nurture your deep reservoir of vitality and gratitude
  • Restore a healthy body weight and lose 5 to 8 pounds
  • Encourage balanced sleep cycles
  • Promote regular and balanced elimination.

This program uses the removal, replace, repair and re-inoculation phases in order to create a gentle and effective cleansing process. This book provides fun, interesting and easy to follow recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That will strengthen you instead of leaving you hungry. That will help you get your sparkle back. Eventually 10+ pounds will melt off and your body will find itself in its natural state. Your interactions will include greater love and joy. You will feel more connection to your deeper purpose and be happy to be alive.

What you will get:

  • Six 15 minute videos with up to date information about cleansing and improving the health of the lymphatic system, small intestine and gall bladder. These videos will help you optimize the benefits of your cleansing journey
  • Daily emails with the protocol for the two weeks of the cleanse
  • Over 40 delicious seasonal recipes that will inspire you to utilize seasonal produce
  • A one-hundred page eBook to help guide you through the cleanse and provide support for any discomfort
  • Extensive shopping lists and lists of supplies that can be used to assist you
  • Personalized options for finding a cleansing approach that is appropriate for you
  • Monographs of 7 exceptional healing foods
  • Resources for purchasing any of the recommended herbal supplements

Do your Summer Goals Include?

  • Recharging your energy
  • Slimming down
  • Boosting your immunity
  • To stop feeling sluggish and run down
  • Maximizing your digestion of the good foods you eat for improved mental clarity

If you answered YES to any of these GOALS then you won’t want to miss this opportunity to RE-PATTERN for Wellness this SUMMER!

You Will

  • Improve the tone of your digestive tract
  • Reduce your toxic load
  • Improve your absorption of vital nutrients
  • Feel lighter and cleaner within days

Why do a Summer Home Cleanse?

  • A cleanse will help you slow down and become more aware of what is coming into your body so that you can activate your ability to detoxify and eliminate
  • This will leave you feeling leaner, healthier, stronger and more resilient to the challenges of life
  • Summer provides the perfect antioxidant rich foods for a gentle purification that will promote your healing
  • Summer produce can support your heart and small intestine, rejuvenating them so they function optimally in the colder seasons ahead.

The Summer Home Cleanse is your ticket to body, mind restoration.

How is a summer cleanse different from cleanses during other seasons?

Although in our modern culture we feel insulated from the natural world our bodies are still governed by nature. Every season has it’s unique gifts and challenges that can benefit from a cleanse. In the Fall a cleanse is used to remove summer heat and gather energy for the long winter. In the Winter we store that energy and start to awaken our inner reserves around the new year. Spring is the time of letting go and allowing the natural cleansing process to reset our energy and vitality. Summer is the ideal time to re-pattern our routines and habits to purify the body and improve our absorption of vital nutrients. When we align with the seasonal intelligence that Summer provides we receive Mother Nature’s blessing and it becomes easy to eat lightly thereby lightening the load on your internal organs.

Will I be eating, or only drinking?

For the two weeks of the cleanse you will mostly consuming solid foods. There is one day where blended foods will be consumed. There are options for the protocol so that you can find a personalized fit.

Will there be special ingredients required for the cleanse?

This is a whole-foods based cleanse. For the two weeks of the cleanse we will be using an elimination diet by stopping the consumption of fats (other than seeds, avocados, and plant-based essential fatty acids), animal proteins, caffeine, gluten, corn, soy, sugar and alcohol. Don’t worry! You can do this. You will be supported every step of the way and it’s just two weeks. We will be replacing those foods with fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, fermented vegetables and ancient grains. This approach is an excellent way to support the elimination of undigested material and awaken the natural regenerative intelligence of your body.

You will easily find everything you need at the farmer’s market or  your health food store of choice.

In addition to the whole foods there will be some herbs that are recommended but not required. These include Pitta Digest, Sweet Ease, Kidney Formula, Healthy Pitta, Turmeric, Triphala and Mahanarayan oil.  These are included in the cleanse protocol to support your blood sugar, replenish your adrenals, maximize liver function and improve digestion. You will get the maximum benefits from the cleanse by including these herbs. You can buy the herbs direct from this site or purchase only the ones that you want at Banyan Botanicals.

What’s the final cost of the cleanse?

The cleanse materials including the daily emails, 50 page manual and 6 instructional videos cost $75. The recommended herbal supplements cost $130, the other expenses will be your groceries and other additional detoxification tools that we recommend and that you decide to purchase. Ultimately the cost will depend on your cleansing goals and the options that you choose.

Will the cleanse require extra prep time?

NO, if you are only preparing food for yourself and you cook most of your meals yourself then the cleanse will not take any more time than usual food prep takes.

If however, you have to prepare food for your family then you will be making separate meals for yourself which will take extra time. In general most of the recommending foods require chopping, blending and some cooking so it may be a shift from what you are used to.

I highly recommend getting a friend, family member or neighbor to sign up with you. Then you can trade off food preparation and share the responsibilities of making dinner for two families. Enlisting your friends and neighbors is a great way to receive additional support during your cleanse!

Can I cleanse while working?

Yes. This cleanse was designed to take into consideration our busy live. That being said it can be really beneficial to slow life down a bit that week. Learn to say NO and make fewer commitments. For the two weeks it is best to get more quiet time, go to bed early, and make your work-out a little gentler. Ask for help if you need it and use the support system around you. I myself have done this cleanse in the midst of busy projects and hectic deadlines. This approach will give you all the techniques you will need to make it through your schedule challenges.

Can I cleanse while training for a marathon, half-marathon, or triathalon?

It really depends on the date of your event. The cleanse is a great way to jump start your system at the beginning of your training schedule. Ultimately the cleanse will improve your recovery times but in the midst of your peak training time the cleanse may not be the best fit. That is why it is a home cleanse so that you can schedule it when it works best for you.

Will I take my usual herbs, vitamins, and supplements during the cleanse?

There is not a good general answer to this question as it really depends on what you’re taking and why. In general only take the things that are necessary or have been prescribed by your primary health care provider.

What kind of equipment will I need?

It can be really helpful to have a good blender, a food processor and a nut mylk bag (this can be found at most co-ops) as these will decrease the amount of food prep time you will need.

How will I know what to do?

You will receive a step-by-step, day-by-day plan for the entire protocol. This will come in the form of the videos, manual and daily emails. Each one of these is comprehensive by itself so you will have plenty of supportive information to be successful.

How will I get your support through the process?

When you sign up for the cleanse you will receive all your materials. In addition to this you will receive an email address that will be checked daily to answer all of your questions. A facebook group will also be set up that is private so that you can get the support of other cleansers.

Can I do this cleanse?

  • Yes! Almost everyone can do this cleanse as it is designed to be gentle. It is designed in a precise way that will:
  • Allow the digestive system to get a break from hard to digest foods
  • Improve the elimination of built-up waste in the small intestine
  • Retrain the body to digest fat as fuel
  • Help the body respond to environmental toxins
  • Reduce cravings
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Increase the body’s ability to do its job faster and better

What can you expect?

  • Receive more compliments on how healthy you look
  • Fit more easily into your summer shorts
  • Feel clear-headed and able to tackle any challenges that life throws your way
  • Options to make the cleanse work for you

Who are you?

Noah Volz, CAS is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Ayurvedic Educator and owner of Rhythm of Healing. In his private practice he works to develop personalized approaches to treat the cause of disease by engaging the natural resources of the digestive system to heal all the body systems, remove deficiencies, and invite nourishment. He uses yoga and massage to facilitate this experience of awareness, knowledge, and transformation.


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