Spring Guide: Blossom Into Your Best Self


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A Spring Wellness Guide for Allergy Relief, Solace from Sinusitis, and Hay Fever Help

Spring is the Queen of the seasons. She is moist, receptive, devotional and loving. These feminine qualities give her the power to birth new life. Like she does in the spring. The essence of spring’s qualities are warm, moist, gentle, and unctuous. These are also the qualities associated with the Kapha dosha. It is the warmth of spring that melts the cold of winter and mobilizes the accumulated Kapha (stagnation) into a liquefied state.

This movement of Kapha is what is responsible for the colds and allergies that accompany spring such as runny noses, asthma and congestion. In this class you will learn about strategies to balance Kapha with a focus on Ayurvedic home remedies for sinusitis, hayfever, and other spring allergies.


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