Fall Guide: Five Habits for a Calm and Balanced Fall




Quick and Easy Ayurvedic Strategies for Fabulous Fall Health

Fall is in the air and it creeps in through open windows at night, cooling off the lingering heat of summer. The colors shift, the leaves crackle and the trees draw their life blood inward. As kids go back to school, parents relish their opportunity to experience peaceful days with fewer activities. As the world grows bigger with the effect of technology it seems ever more important to connect with our communities and act locally. By honoring and aligning with the transition between summer and winter we can tune into the silence and engage the winds of change in our lives. During this transition it is important to balance the dry, cold and rough qualities of fall. It is also a time when the veil between dimensions softens. We celebrate such rituals as the Day of the Dead and give thanks for the bounty of summer during Thanksgiving. Use this guide as inspiration be mindful about staying warm, creating routine and, like the trees, protecting your vital fluids this fall. Eventually you will be able to re-imagine your seasonal rituals in a fresh new way.


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