Neem to Reduce Inflammation

Neem, Margosa, Azadirachta indica

Character: The Health Giver

Neem has a long history of use in india. Sticks from the neem tree have been used as tooth brushes. It is often said in India that neem is a gift of good health because of its versatility.

Guna: Light, dry

Rasa: Bitter

Vipaka: Pungent

Virya: Refrigerant

Prabhava: Immunomodulator

Main Action:  hepatoprotective, ulcerogenesis, hypoglycemic, cardiovascular, immune, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, contraceptive, antiviral, bug repellent, antifungal

Action on Doshas: Clears ama and amavisha; balances ranjaka pitta. Decreases Pitta and Kapha; Increases and Vata (in excess)

Action on Dhatus: Good for all dhatus

Description:    Neem is very bitter and that is the first indication that it has so many healing properties. The bitterness indicates its effectiveness in removing congestion caused by Kapha and inflammation caused by Pitta. In excess however the bitter taste of neem may make one feel spacey and emotionally off kilter. It is a great remedy for protecting the eyes from strain or dryness and heat. It also helps in diabetes by lowering the blood sugar and improving liver metabolism. It can be used topically for rashes or joint inflammation.

Main Uses:

·         Fever

·         Chicken pox (Sharma 2002, 469)

·         Jaundice (Sharma 2002, 120)

·         Acid reflux and vomiting associated with gastritis (Sharma 2002, 168, 265)

·         Gout and eczema (Sharma 2002, 236)

·         Intestinal parasites associated with anemia and dyspnea (Sharma 2002, 347).

·         Premature aging and grayness associated with anger and physical strain  (Sharma 2002, 490). 

Special Uses:

1.      Neem has been used as an insecticide to kill mosquitoes, flies, beetles, worms, cockroaches and moths, without harming beneficial insects such as wasps, butterflies, bees, spiders and earthworms


  1. In excess it may cause gas or indigestion,. It can interfere with many medications so it is best to work with a practitioner. Some examples are antiviral, antibiotic, antacids or antifungal.
  2. It has a blood sugar lowering effect.
  3. Pregnant women should also avoid taking large amounts of neem and it is not recommended while breast-feeding.