Lasting Changes

I made a lot of lasting changes in my daily life. Some are habits, but there are some things different about me – changes from the inside out – that I couldn’t have done just by willpower. Outwardly: I go to sleep (with no electronics on in my room) and wake up around the same time without any alarm clock, and don’t need caffeine in the morning. I’m having caffeinated tea some days, but no more coffee. I eat more fruits and veggies and less of things that bother me, like dairy. I do yoga nearly every day, and often meditate as well. I’m also running more, and have better endurance. I’ve also gotten into routines with chores like laundry and email rather than letting things pile up. Inwardly, the following have decreased: stress, anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, guilt & negative self-talk. They’ve been replaced gradually with confidence, gratitude, patience, motivation, and a clearer, calmer mind. It was like a complete habit and mental-health reboot.