3 Week Spring Liver Cleanse Product Kit




This Kit includes:

  • 1 bottle of Kapha Digest Tablets (24.99)
  • 1 bottle of Sweet Ease Tablets (24.99)
  • 1 bottle of Total Body Cleanse Tablets (24.99)
  • 1 bottle of Blood Cleanse Tablets (24.99)
  • 1 bottle of Tranquil Mind Tablets (24.99)
  • 1 bottle of Triphala Tablets (19.99)

Kapha Digest
These herbal formulas all play vital roles in stoking the digestive fire and stimulating a healthy appetite. This means your body can make better use of the nutrition you take in and can more completely and easily digest the foods you eat. These formulas support the natural lubrication of the intestines and assist in thorough and healthy elimination.

Sweet Ease
The ingredients in Sweet Ease optimize blood sugar and insulin levels. They also curb your desire for sweets, making you less likely to reach for sugary sweets. Sweet Ease bolsters the immune system and helps with efficient removal of wastes via the urinary system.

Total Body Cleanse
Total Body Cleanse is a blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs principally formulated to assist the body’s natural detoxifying process, with special emphasis added during a supported cleanse or whole-body detox.

Blood Cleanse
Blood Cleanse removes natural toxins from the blood, lymph, and liver in order to support vibrant, healthy skin. It is not uncommon for improperly digested food, cellular waste, and other toxins to accumulate in the blood. The body naturally seeks to rid itself of these toxins through the GI tract, urine, and sweat. Blood Cleanse helps the body detoxify and encourages elimination by way of the GI tract.

Tranquil Mind
Stress can lead to sleep disturbances. This formula supports the naturally calming neurotransmitters of the brain and helps the body and mind be more resilient to stress. The improved sleep can reduce mental agitation and nervousness. This formulation of herbs allows the mind to feel calm without creating dullness. This powerful blend of herbs can help maintain well-being during the cleanse.

Triphala is a rich source of polyphenols—micronutrients from plant-based foods that are regarded as highly potent antioxidants. Antioxidants protect cells (including the neural cells in the brain) from toxin damages. One specific antioxidant, ellagic acid, has been well researched and proven to be very effective in helping the body eliminates the toxins.