Clear Complexion with Manjishta

Manjistha, Indian Madder, Rubia Cordifolia

Character:  The Blood Cleanser

Manjistha’s spreading red vines are symbolic of its effect on the circulatory system. It is an excellent herb for the skin and has been used to treat eczema, skin lesions, psoriasis, acne and herpes that are characterized by hot, red symptoms. As it is an excellent herb for the blood it can be helpful in internal and external bleeding conditions as well as uncomfortable menses where there is clotting and pain.

Guna: heavy, dry
Rasa: bitter, sweet, astringent
Vipaka: pungent
Virya: Cool
Prabhava: Anti-tumor
Main Action:  Alterative, hemostatic, astringent, stone remover, anti-fever
Action on Doshas: Pacifies Pitta and Kapha
Action on Dhatus: Plasma, blood, muscles, bones

In addition to being the premiere herb for reducing all all inflammatory conditions of the blood it can also be used to remove tumors and accumulations. Any area where there is the processing of lots of fluid can be helped by manjishta’s purifying effect. It is especially useful for removing stones in the bladder, liver and kidneys. As it cools the blood it can also be helpful to calm heated emotions. Lastly it has been used to assist in healing broken bones.

Main Uses:

  1. Inflammation of the blood, lymph or other fluids
  2. Environmental allergies such as hay fever
  3. Congested uterus with pain
  4. Eczema, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, dermatitis, herpes.
  5. Gall stones
  6. Tumors

Special Uses:

Broken bones and loss of pigment in the skin.

Precautions: Do not use during pregnancy, high vata