The Rhythm of Ayurveda

Thank you for your interest in Rhythm of Healing!

The resources developed by Rhythm of Healing have the intention of guiding you down the path towards discovering and experiencing your own personal “rhythm of health.”

This rhythm is unique to you as your body is an orchestra and requires the collaboration and connection of many different parts in order to play music that inspires the world and provides meaning to you. It is my sincere hope that through my unique blend of massage, ayurveda and yoga that you will find your rhythm of healing.

Praise for the Blissful Belly Book

In this book, Blissful Belly, the authors appear to have done the seemingly impossible. They have introduced a process that takes the reader from an introduction to Ayurvedic principles through a program that will effectively re-ignite their digestive fire. Ayurveda sees this fire as the cornerstone of the health of the body and when it burns bright and clean, the entire body shines in radiant health.  This is not a cleanse, rather it is the essence of what cleansing should be ~ sustainable and effective.  The program they set forth spans a manageable 16 days and includes dietary, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations to support the process.  They include recipes for both herbs and spice blends that are easily adaptable to one’s life and tastes.  Advice throughout the text serves to support the reader in avoiding the common pitfalls of putting one’s self through a regimen without direct supervision or support.  They introduce a tried and true technique that they have developed over their years of practice to the benefit of the reader.

In the first section, they cover basic Ayurvedic knowledge and both a Western and Ayurvedic view of the digestive system in a clear and easy to understand manner before they take the client through a simple diagnostic questionnaire to determine their best path moving forward.  This allows the process to be individualized. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ practice, but takes into consideration what is best for the unique person and goes a step further to explain the “Why?” of the practice.

The reader is supported every step of the way with well thought out instructions and tips to assure success. Throughout the 16 days, one is introduced to many Ayurvedic principles including health supporting lifestyle practices, such as morning routines of self-care, and the importance of daily movement and time for reflection.

It is clear that at the end of the 16-day Blissful Belly process, the reader will have rejuvenated not only their digestion, but will have a new and clear approach to many aspects of their life.  The resources, instructions, and recipes that they provide are ones that the reader is likely to return to time and again. The text ends with a recap of what has been done during the process and suggests ways to extend the practice and take the positive impact of this program into their home, work, and community.

Mary Thompson, Ayurvedic practitioner and educator, Grass Valley, CA

Praise For the New Year Re-Solution Book

“This book is an incredible gift! I have never seen a more thorough compilation of practices, recipes, and explanations that are simultaneously inspiring, transformative, and safe for home use.” -KATE SCHWABACHER, AYURVEDIC CONSULTANT AND YOGA TEACHER

“This is an exciting program! In his New Year Re-Solution, Noah Volz presents a clear, well-researched pathway to health and balance through Ayurveda. His mixture of traditional and modern theory and practice comes from personal experience, the best kind. The 14-day program is easy to grasp, and there are great recipes for healing foods. Those who make the Re-Solution are sure to take great benefit.” -KATE O’DONNELL, AUTHOR OF THE EVERYDAY AYURVEDA COOKBOOK

“In a world of fear of disease and mis-perception of health, Noah Volz stands out in Re-solution with his comforting voice of support and as a discerning director of true personal change. The tried and true vision of Ayurveda has been eloquently translated and assembled by Volz to provide any willing human with guidance to re-establish their unique optimal health. Most notably presented are the options for food choices, herb selections, and flexibility in daily regimen, not only for one’s constitution and current imbalances, but for what Ayurveda terms as Satmya. Although not defined directly in this book, Satmya is a concept used to identify one’s habits, cultural tastes, and available local-seasonal options. Often in Ayurvedic ‘cleanses’ followers are not given much room for their personal likes and dislikes. This rigidity allows only such clients that have no natural or learned taste for “Indian” flavors to give up and leave the beneficial practice of a seasonal reset due to lack of flexibility. Re-solution on all levels is tending to the needs of the follower while giving permission and making room for one to own their own personality and work with their closely held sensual loves. Knowing Noah Personally, I can attest to his attention to details, keen perception, warm heart and sensitive touch. His compilation and presentation is a resource for all levels of seekers of health who are choosing the Ayurvedic paradigm as a path to establish themselves in true health known though a practical experience of enthusiasm, satisfaction and joy.” -BALARAMA CHANDRA DAS, AYURVEDIC PRACTITIONER AND YOGA EDUCATOR

Noah has been teaching yoga since 2002. He has been a full time yoga teacher in Arizona and Oregon and regularly contributes to the anatomy and Ayurveda curriculum of yoga teacher training programs. His approach is unique as he integrates Ayurveda and bio-mechanics into his teaching. If you are interested in having him at your yoga studio please send him a message. To learn more visit his yoga page.

Noah is a skilled teacher and he has shared in knowledge on massage and therapeutic approaches to musculo-skeletal disorders in many venues on the West coast. If you would like to learn more about his rates as a massage therapist or what classes he is currently teaching please visit the massage page.